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Pronunciation Practice Activities

A resource book for teaching English pronunciation; included audio CD

Hewings, Martin; 2004 Cambridge University Press; ISBN 0521754577

Activities on topics ranging from sounds, syllables, stress and rhythm to voice quality and testing pronunciation with an accompanying CD. a review

Techniques of Teaching Pronunciation in ESL, Bilingual & Foreign Language Classes

Odisho, Edward Y.; 2003 Lincom Europa (Meunchen) (LINCOM GmbH); ISBN 3 89586 704 7

11 chapters with many very focused sub-chapters (sometimes three on a page), including specific issues like voiced vs. unvoiced 'th' and a few first-language specific sections.

"...language the function of the brain prior to being the function of the vocal organs...problems should be addressed at the level of the brain before requesting the learners to modify the lips, lower the jaw or assume a certain tongue configuration...the approach is cognitive in its...foundations which are implemented through the manipulation of different sensory modalities and cognitive processes."

book is organized in two parts: 1) theoretical foundations (6 chapters), and 2) methodology and techniques

Two used copies on from $92 in Jan. 2011.

Pronunciation Matters

Communicative, Story-Based Activities for Mastering the Sounds of North American English

Henrichsen, Green, Nishitani, Bagley; 1999 University of Michigan; ISBN 0-472-08491-7; large (8-1/2" x 11", >1" thick)

Multi-paragraph readings, with activities (single and partnered), by phoneme and with distinctive pairs. The readings seem very valuable. Also has a diagnostic passage and procedure.

book is out of print, but has an extensive web site with a lot of material available for free.

Understanding the Courses We Teach

edited by Murphy, Byrd (both of Georgia State University); 2001 (2004)University of Michigan Press, Ann Arbor; ISBN 0-472-06670-2

~18 case studies such as:

  • English in the Workplace at Goodwill Industries
  • Families As Curriculum Partners in an Urban Elementary Inclusion Classroom
  • Community-Based ESL: Exploring "Critical Citizenship"
  • Building a Community of Adult ESL Learners
  • An Australian Adult ESL Settlement Classroom
  • Videoing Conversations for Self Evaluation in Japan
  • FocalSpeak: Integrating Rhythm and Stress in Speech-Pronunciation
  • "Extensive Reading" for Japanese English Majors
  • English for Engineers in Hong Kong
  • EAP Support for Matriculated University Students
  • A Theme-Based Literature Course: Focus on the City of Angels
  • Canadian Language and Culture: A Course for 9 Academic Credits
  • Teaching "Writing for Proficiency" in Summer School
  • A Course in Grammar-Editing for ESL Writers
  • Strategic Reading on a Sustained Content Theme
  • Theme-Based Instruction: Field Work in a Small Connecticut Town
  • Academic Speaking: Learning to Take "Longer Turns"
  • English through Web Page Creation

Framework for each case study includes setting, conceptual underpinnings, course goals, syllabus design, activity types, learners' roles, the role of the teacher, affective concerns, culture, instructional materials, assessment, lesson particulars and caveats/final thoughts.

Book's web site includes summaries of each chapter with relevant links to the chapter (paper) authors

Books recommended by my teachers:

Learner English - outlines difficulties of particular groups in learning English.

Teaching in Action - edited by Jack C. Richards. Davis Lib. call # P51.T37 1998

Grammar Diversions - obscure grammar (?) (not sure why I wrote this note