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kitten adopter information: other preparations

Here's a checklist of other things to buy, prepare, or decide ahead of time. Any new thing you bring into your house needs to have a place, too!

  • bed - kittens love to have their own bed, but they may also like to sleep with you.
  • greens/grass - almost all cats like to chew green grass. Some stores (Weaver Street Market in Carrboro) will sell wheat kernels in bulk; this is an excellent way to grow just the right amount of grass for your kitty to nibble. Throw out grass when it gets too mature and tough, or it could actually cause problems.
  • scratching posts and other cat furniture
  • toys
  • food and water dishes
  • food
  • litter box and litter scoop
  • litter
  • carrier
  • veterinarian
  • books
  • prepare to train your kitten
  • find places to put things
  • prepare for accidents