An Unkempt Garden of

foster kittens: Tycho (formerly Garnett)

This the most mellow, friendly kitten we've ever fostered. I think he could even be a therapy cat someday. He's fine with good-tempered dogs and really likes other cats.

His original foster name is Garnett, because he's little and red like a garnet stone. We have another foster kitty named Emmett, though, and their names sounded a bit too similar when calling them. We call him "Tycho" when we call him, but he's still on the IAR web site as Garnett.

The excellent Julie, his original fosterer, let him come stay with us when our foster kitten Emmett's sister was adopted and Emmett was left all alone. Tycho needed a friend, too. As you can see, they get along wonderfully and seem to really enjoy each others' company. Honestly, that extra tongue combing through Emmett's fluffy fur is probably quite nice.

There are also two photos here of Tycho at the radio station with local DJ Ron Stutts. He was completely at home and very curious, and charmed everyone utterly.

I can't believe he's not adopted yet... please someone tell me what I'm doing wrong!