An Unkempt Garden of

foster kittens: Alice and Emmett

Alice and Emmett are very sweet 4-month-old kittens who will grow into awesome cats.

Everybody's located in Chapel Hill, North Carolina.

They're beginning to become a little more independent of each other, although they still do almost everything together. If Emmett doesn't see Alice for a while, he makes tiny little meeping sounds and looks for her. These are very quiet kittens who are very happy together.

Emmett has all-black, medium-length, incredibly soft fluffy black fur. He has the friendliest, most joyful disposition you could ever want, and loves to play and follow you around. He's like a sweet cuddly puppy.

Alice is sleek, pure silver-blue-gray, with a delicate dark gray nose and adventurous spirit. She is very sweet and as quiet as a mouse, and is very patient when Emmett cleans her.

They have the quietest voices I've ever heard, although I hope they'll become a little more vocal as they grow up and their personalities develop.

Both kittens were found abandoned with the rest of their litter near Burlington and were rescued before they died, but Alice unfortunately had an untreated eye infection. Although she sees, runs, and plays just fine, her left eye will always show evidence of her unlucky beginning.

Alice and Emmett are very cuddly, beautiful, wonderful companions, and will fill a home with love and life.

We made a 38-second video (actually, Dan made it, and he spent some time on it) to show potential adopters how awesome Alice and Emmett are. We hope someone will adopt them who will continue to spend time talking, holding, and playing "through the hoop" with them.

video on YouTube or download the QuickTime version.

They're almost over their little colds, and they're very active and curious. Alice (the gray one) has some scarring in one eye because while they were tiny, they were abandoned in the woods and her eye infection went untreated for a long time. They are both very affectionate now. We'd love it if they were adopted by someone with no other cats who worked out of a home office.

If you're interested in adopting them, please contact Independent Animal Rescue (IAR). Here are the IAR web pages for Emmett and Alice.

60-word description for IAR's "Purrfect Pairs Adoption Event":

Cheerful, people-oriented kittens, quiet and fuzzy. Emmett has fluffy-soft fur, ear tufts, adorable face, and follows like a puppy hoping for fun. Soft, sleek blue-gray Alice plays, lap-sits, or purrs while nesting nearby. Littermates attached to each other, they also love big people. See their hoop-jumping training in action: video linked @IAR's web site.